# scope of work: logo design / corporate identity / packaging / illustration / print design

Folga is a small brewery in Western Pomerania of Poland. The first stage of the design require creation of an appropriate visual identity and the development of branding materials. Then it came time to design style and at the same bit fancy craft beer labels. For the purposes of packaging and promoting the beer itself, we created an emblem which - like the logo on the label - has been awarded a gold color.


# label design / character design / naming

The idea for beer labels - from the very beginning - was supposed to fit a place like Folga  - full of green / real forest. At the same time, the project was to be a combination of a bit of fantasy and elegance. So we created animal characters, which we gave a dignified character and a noble title, at the same time referring to individual beer styles.


# drawing / illustration

The drawing of beer aristocrats has been designed to adequately emphasize the style of a given beer. The appropriate description of each character gave additional value.




That's not all! Ultimately, many other characters were created for other types of beer. We'll be back with more photos soon.